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Salutations! Ciao! Hi, there!

My name is Kate Everson, and I am a writer, editor, communicator and storyteller. Currently I’m assimilating to corporate communications life, but I’ll never give up the “side hustle” of writing for pleasure.

I’ve worked on editorial teams for B2B publications Chief Learning OfficerTalent ManagementDiversity Executive and Workforce; Columbia, Missouri’s, city magazine Vox and national startup periodical Lydia Magazine, a millennial women’s magazine.

Add to the list
Add to the list “panel moderator.” (Photo by Will Byington Photography)

I’m a Chicagoland native who loves to create. I graduated from the University of Missouri, which is known as the world’s oldest journalism school, nation’s best journalism school and Brad Pitt’s (almost) alma mater. While there, I perfected the art of working under pressure, both solo and with a team of other talented, hard-working journalists.

My work experience before Human Capital Media ranged from daily papers and real-time blogs to weekly city magazines, bimonthly investigative publications and non-profit jazz organizations. I’ve interviewed a ton of different people — the deputy executive director of Amnesty International, a family of viking re-enactors, a group of six-year-olds, a 101-year-old and everyone in between. My portfolio includes breaking news, event coverage, features and movie reviews.

Apart from my journalistic pursuits, I am an avid yoga practitioner. There’s always a book on my nightstand. I can quote full episodes of The West Wing, and when you lay my DVD collection end-to-end, they wrap around my house. Twice.

My life is dictated by my love of learning, talking to people and getting the job done. I’m pushy and ambitious, but I also hold myself accountable for everything I do and tend to think outside-the-box (or column, rather).

Contact me at kateeeverson@gmail.com if you want to know more about me, are curious about how I got so confident in my skills or just want to have a chinwag with someone who likes to talk and — more importantly — listen.


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  1. Pleased to have found your blog Kate. Looking forward to much reading here. Regards Thom.

  2. But you really owe all your success to your time spent manning the Summer Reading Program table at the CSPL ;)

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