Selected Portfolio

“Thinx: Not Your Granny’s Panties” (Lydia Magazine, Winter 2014)
“Gone Girls: The Lost Art of the Feminine Critique” (Lydia Magazine, Summer 2014)
“‘Tis the Season of Macho Summer Blockbusters, With No Superheroines in Sight” (Bitch Magazine, May 19, 2014)
“Independent Actors Theatre prepares for its season finale” (VOX Magazine, April 18, 2013)
“In the Land of Women: Curtain falls on Stephens’ degree program for men” (VOX Magazine, March 28, 2013)

Atlanta Hawks’ Nzinga Shaw: A Slam Dunk for Diversity” (Diversity Executive, Sept. 4, 2015)
“Nike’s Andre Martin: Just Learn It” (Chief Learning Officer, August 2015)
“Isley Reust: It’s a Spectacular Life” (Lydia Magazine, July 2015)
“Sherryann Plesse: Learning as a Win-Win”  (Chief Learning Officer, August 2014)
“Gwen Houston: Agent of Change” (Diversity Executive, May/June 2014)
“Benton Elementary’s music teacher gets kids singing” (The Missourian, Jan. 4, 2012)
“For new Benton residents, Viking culture is a lifestyle” (The Missourian, Oct. 1, 2011)

Investigative Reporting
“Fostering victims of violence” (The Chicago Reporter, September/October 2012) — This was a sidebar to the cover story, “Dying for Attention,” which won a Peter Lisagor Award from the Chicago Headline Club
“Chinese top Chicago asylum caseload” (The Chicago Reporter, July/August 2012)
“MU relies on retention programs to keep science, engineering, math majors on track” (The Missourian, Dec. 15, 2011)

Newspaper Writing
“Centenarian gives Rock Bridge second-graders real-life history lesson” (The Missourian, Oct. 27, 2011)
“Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt promotes production company at Jesse Auditiorium” (The Missourian, Oct. 26, 2011)
“Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin: a sign of hope” (The Missourian, Oct. 4, 2011)
“Benton Elementary transitions into STEM school”  (The Missourian, Sept. 23, 2011)

Movie Reviews
“‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Rewrites the Comic’s Original Storyline to be More Male-Centric” (Bitch Magazine, May 26, 2014)
“Movie Review: Iron Man 3 (VOX Magazine, May 3, 2013)
“Review: The Connection (VoxTalk, the blog of VOX Magazine, March 3, 2012)

Music Reviews
“Shaken” by Maggie Bjorklund, 2014 (Country Standard Time)
“Sterling Road” by Cassie and Maggie, 2014 (Country Standard Time)
“High Country” by Leftover Salmon, 2014 (Country Standard Time)
“Terraplane” by Steve Earle, 2015 (Country Standard Time)
“All These Dreams” by Andrew Combes, 2015 (Country Standard Time)

Contributor Blog Posts
The Best Woman-Power Films of 2013” (Lydia Magazine, Dec. 15, 2013) — Tweeted by Paul Feig, director of Bridesmaids and The Heat
“Vintage Glamour: Old Hollywood Style Icons” (Lydia Magazine, November 26, 2013)
“Top Ten Best Journalism Films” (, June 8, 2013)
“The Columbia Craigslist Mall” (VoxTalk, the blog of VOX Magazine, Oct. 30, 2012)
“Roots ‘N’ Blues ‘N’ BBQ: Al Green” (VoxTalk, the blog of VOX Magazine, Sept. 23, 2012)

Personal Essays
“A Letter to Philip Seymour Hoffman” (Lydia Magazine, Feb. 3, 2014)
“22 and a Half: Six Months of Crohn’s Disease, Treatment and Gaining Life” (Lydia Magazine, Jan. 27, 2014)
“The Bechdel Test & Me: Attempting to Bridge the Hollywood Gender Gap” (Lydia Magazine, Jan. 14, 2014)

Selected Editing Projects
“Prepped: Getting ready for disaster” (VOX Magazine, Dec. 20, 2012)
“Undefeated: At 28, Nakia Bowen has faced more obstacles than most people will in a lifetime” (VOX Magazine, Nov. 29, 2012)
“Cashing in on Pastimes: Four hobbyists find a calling with three big ideas”
 (VOX Magazine, Nov. 8, 2013)
“Weapons of Mass Enthusiasm: Boone County residents stick to their guns”
 (VOX Magazine, Oct. 18, 2012) (Read the editor’s opening statement)

Press Releases
“Jazz Appreciation Month” hits 2012/2013 high water mark with the Monterey Jazz Festival (“We Always Swing” Jazz Series, April 2013)
Joe Locke-Geoffrey Keezer Group in for a three-day stay (“We Always Swing” Jazz Series, March 2013)

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