My post-college class schedule: or, Kate realizes she’s overly organized (and remains OK with that)

With everyone else (or what seems like everyone else) returning to classes for the 2013-14 school year, I’ve started facing the reality that my days as a student are done.


Tossed away like yesterday’s jam. (IT Crowd fans will understand that one).

I’ve considered several ways of coping. Running away to London seemed like a good idea, but then I realized all my DVDs are Zone 1 and wouldn’t work across the Atlantic. Becoming Batman also seemed a viable option until they announced Ben Affleck would be taking on the gig.

My dreams were dashed, and I was left to
My dreams were dashed, and I was left to lie on the floor, cursing Affleck and his perfect beard. (Actor portrayal)

So instead I’m forced to do the practical thing — which apparently doesn’t include Liam Neeson giving me ninja training and a spandex fight suit — and reconstruct my life. I learned early on that schedules and to-do lists keep my life on track so I don’t go crazy, so naturally I developed a college-like course schedule to occupy me in the coming months. Years. Decades.

The first step (and I’m writing this all out because, honestly, I’m developing said schedule as I write this blog post) is to list out what things I want to get done during the week and how may hours should be alloted to each. The job hunt is top priority, so it gets 10 hours. Running gets 5. Writing for Greatest Films gets 2 hours each week, as does writing for this blog.

It all seemed a perfect plan last night at 10:40. Then common sense kicked in. Despite being overly organized and schedule-driven, I realized while creating an Excel sheet to lay out each specific time that that’s just insane and I need help.

On the outset, I thought making a schedule that emulates the ones I had at Mizzou each semester would soften the blow of not going back. I’ve come to the conclusion, however, that that blow won’t be softened until the next chapter begins (i.e. someone hires me). I’ve also extrapolated that life has a tendency to throw things at you that you don’t expect, so scheduling a life out hour-by-hour is an inane task.

So instead I came up with this to-do checklist that I’ll be working on each week:

  Running/yoga   Running/yoga   Running/yoga   Running/yoga   Running/yoga
  Job hunt   Job hunt   Job hunt   Job hunt   Job hunt
  Handel & Maeve   Quills & Typewriters   Handel & Maeve   Greatest Films   Handel & Maeve

Now, you might be thinking, “Do you really need a checklist for three things, two of which are the same every day?” 

My reply: “Have you ever felt the satisfaction of crossing something off a to-do list?” I’m as hooked on documenting my accomplishments as half of Albuquerque and the entirety of the Czech Republic are to Walter White’s crystal meth.

Also, devoted readers, you skipped over the most exciting part of this whole thing. If I stick to the list (which is the plan, for at least the first week), you’ll be getting a fresh blog post every Tuesday!

(Your reaction should look like this:)

I’m no fool. I know in a week I won’t be following this plan at all. Just watch. You’ll get your Blog Post Tuesday, but nothing much else. In the meantime, however, it’s good to have a working idea of what’s coming up in life. Even if “life” pertains simply to “next Monday.”

And then it will be time for a new anal-retentive schedule.



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  1. I’m sure you could grow a better beard than Affleck if you squeezed in beard-growing time on that schedule of yours…Just a thought.

  2. Well, I could wax philosophical and old-woman-wise; but I won’t. I think you should include clean house, cook dinner and mow lawn. Its active, useful and allows your right brain all sorts of time to cook up new schemes. Besides your mother would really like it.

    • Oh, trust me Aunt Helen: there’s a large list of household to-dos that happen every week, too. It’s making sure when I’m NOT doing them that I’m doing something productive other than tucking into a Breaking Bad marathon that’s the issue here.

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