Graduating an older woman, (not) filled with regret

A few weeks ago on Saturday Night Live had one of the funniest Drunk Uncle sketches on in a long time.

I know YouTube doesn’t keep SNL clips up for long, so in case the video gets taken down, here’s the gist. Drunk Uncle goes on and on about taxes, eyepatches and Snapchat before introducing his drunk brother-in-law, Peter Drunklage (Game of Thrones‘ Peter Dinklage). More jokes about “Kim Jong Oof” and how kids don’t wear garters anymore ensue until online fads come up.

“You know what’s in my Tumblr?” Dinklage asks. “Regret.” Then it’s off to play a game of “Marco!” “Rubio!”

Meanwhile, this song comes on my iPod every so often:

(For the non-French speaking audience, “Non je ne regrette rien” translates to, “No, I don’t regret anything.” For more translation, check out this page.)

Which in turn reminds me of that line in Inception about not wanting to “die an old man, filled with regret.”

Or looking like this.
Or looking like this.

Oh, how my mind works.

With graduation coming up in a few weeks, I’m facing the fear of leaving Columbia, Mo. with all my clothes, books, kitchen supplies and a nice heaping box of shoulda-coulda-wouldas.

Mamma Everson has warned me against using the term “regret,” which always seems to have a negative connotation. In fact, the dictionary on Google says it means “a feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over something that has happened or been done.” Ouch, Google.

So as college comes to a close, I’m making a new plan for the next two weeks. Instead of focusing on leaving with “no regrets,” I’m focusing on simply “being happy.” If that means not everything on the bucket list gets done, I decide not to go running or I drink two beers on a weeknight, so be it. If it makes me happy, I’m doing it.

That includes making this picture of Robert De Niro holding celebri-cat Lil' Bub the wallpaper on my computer.
That includes making this picture of Robert De Niro holding celebri-cat Lil’ Bub the wallpaper on my computer.

(Please don’t remind me that somewhere in that happiness I have four papers, a design project and a hefty final for which to study. I forgot my umbrella, so stop raining on my parade.)

I know this post seems like a string of Facebook updates saddle-stitched together into a blogpost, but that’s how my brain has been working lately. Weeks seem half as long and weekends only last mere hours lately, so there’s not much time for blogging. That said, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming stories on how I’ve changed, what I’ve accomplished on that bucket list I devised this summer and what the Crazy Quad Squirrels have been up to lately.


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