More Harry Potter references, and other 2013 resolutions

We’re 13 days into 2013, which means I should probably start thinking about setting up some resolutions.

I’m not one to let these things fall by the wayside easily. Last year I did pretty well on my goals; I got an internship, continued my journalism-ing, gained more professional contacts, stayed in touch with the news (thanks to the charm of Brian Williams) and blogged…at least for the first half of the year.

But now it’s time to set goals for my next 365 352 days. Please excuse me if they are a little less lofty than last year’s list; because 2012 was a leap year, I feel I’ve been cheated out of a day in 2013, and therefore shouldn’t have to do as much to please the Resolution Gods.

Get a job.
Last year it was, “Get an internship.” That was small potatoes compared to this year’s “real life job” hunt, and I’m excited and terrified at the prospect of having to face not being in school anymore come May. I’ve been hearing rumors that my generation is the most self-confident (that’s old-guy-media speak for “the generation that is most confident their excrement doesn’t have a stench”), and I acknowledge that of my resolutions last year, toning down my egoism didn’t exactly happen. That doesn’t mean I’ll be going straight to Conde Nast with the plan to replace Graydon Carter at the helm of Vanity Fair after my first 90 days, but it does mean that I won’t shy away from applying for jobs not necessarily marked “Entry level.” Thank you, Missouri School of Journalism.

Continue the whole healthy-living thing.
After a semester of eating crap, working out once in a blue moon and getting almost no sleep, I’m reclaiming my health this year! Gone are the days of “Ooh, cupcakes! I think I’ll have one…or twelve!” Gone are the days of, “But I don’t feel like getting out of my chair today.” I’m not going to go calorie-counting crazy, but I’m not starting the Michael Phelps diet, either.

I see your three pot roasts and raise you a humus sandwich.
I see your three pot roasts and raise you a humus sandwich.

Get as far as possible on the 365-Film Challenge.
I should blame should give credit to my friend Cody Bridges for this one because he started it first. The 365-Film Challenge asks participants to see 365 films they’ve never seen before in the span of the year. By taking three film classes this spring, having an Oscar season filled with nominees I haven’t seen yet and volunteering for the True/False Film Festival, I have a better shot at nailing this resolution than most. If I don’t make it, blame it on 2013’s lack of Leap Day. Keep track of my progress on my 365 Film Challenge page. And, as always, I’ll be aiming to see all Oscar nominees before the big night.

That said, buy more books than DVDs this year.
One day I want a house that has a room that looks like this:

This is the effect watchin "Beauty and the Beast" had on me as a kid. Screw the romance; I want the library.
This is the effect watchin “Beauty and the Beast” had on me as a kid. Screw the romance; I want the library.

Which means I better start stocking up now. My cinephile-self has had control over my pocketbook in the past few years, but 2013 is the year my bibliophile side takes over again. Luckily, Columbia is full of stores like Get Lost Books that’ll help me achieve that goal in more frugal terms. Next on the list of purchases: Deadline by Myra Grant and Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin.

Finally, be productive, but make time for fun. (And I don’t mean the band.)
I wrote myself a list of rules to make sure I stay on track this spring; I’m terrified that not having the busy life of last fall is going to leave me stagnant and bored this semester, so I made “Educational Decree No. 2013,” which lists things like “Netflix is to be used minimally” and “Write one creative journal entry a week.” It’s all in the name of keeping this last semester of college productive but fun; in 20 years, I won’t remember watching all of The IT Crowd in three days, but I will remember that night we all headed to Eastside for Geek Night.

Hopefully my own educational decree lasts a bit longer than the ones Dolores Umbridge posted.
Also on the list: make more Harry Potter references. Here’s the first: hopefully my own educational decree lasts a bit longer than the ones Dolores Umbridge posted.

There’s a lot in store for me in 2013, such as graduation, the Great Job Hunt and my last few months in Columbia. For as long as I can remember, “13” has been a luck number for me, so I look forward to seeing if ’13 is particularly special.


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