M-I-Z, One More Year!(?)


Just when you thought I couldn’t get nerdier, I throw in a still from Alan Moore’s graphic novel, Watchmen.

In my mind, I’m trench-coat-clad Rorschach and the guy on the ground is my senior year, totally owned by moi. Yet no matter how I dominate it, it still bears the tag of “The End is Nigh,” a reminder that another chapter of my life has closed and it’s start to begin anew.*

*How ’bout that forced symbolism? The nerdism continues.

It’s hard to believe that at the end of this week I’ll be moving down to Columbia, Mo. for the last time. After three years at MU, it’s going to be hard recognizing that I’m coming up on my last homecoming, last class registration, last True/False Film Festival as a student, last syllabus weeks and the like.

But, like anyone coming up on the end of a youthful existence college career, there are things to be accomplished, and it doesn’t just include “graduate.”

Consider this my bucket list for my senior year:

  1. Survive my capstone(s).
  2. Finish my film studies and Italian studies minors.
  3. Attend at least four movies at Ragtag Cinema.
  4. Tailgate for MU’s 101st homecoming, and do it up proudly.
  5. Run 4 miles on the MKT Trail.
  6. Get at least one clipping in a non-Columbia publication.
  7. Pull an all-nighter (still haven’t done that, believe it or not).
  8. Either volunteer or get a True/False Film Festival movie pass and attend at least three films and one panel over that weekend.
  9. Play pool and have a burger at Booches.
  10. Climb onto the tiger statue for a photo-op. Because, you know, it’s tradition.
  11. Finish off that Which Wich card in my wallet. Queue clip of Elaine from Seinfeld.
  12. Go to a show at the Blue Note (and NOT pay a $2 surcharge).
  13. Actually finish writing a book. Because, you know, I haven’t since I started college.
  14. Read two Mark Twain novels, because it’s terrible that I lived in a dorm named after the famous American author and have never read his work.
  15. Order Hot Box cookies to the apartment at a ridiculously late hour (possibly during #7’s all-nighter).
  16. Find some sort of justification for riding the Shakespeare’s Pizza rickshaw to class. I’ll warn you right now: probably not going to happen.

    They say it’s free, but there must be a catch. Like a “Tell us where you want to go, but we’re going to drop you off at the 9th Street Restaurant anyway” kind of catch. That’s how I was late to Italian Civilization, Prof. Tabanelli. I got abducted by Shakespeare’s Pizza.
  17. Take advantage of Roots, Blues & BBQ this year. Al Green’s performing, so maybe President Obama will drop in for a duet.
  18. Be a teaching assistant for Magazine Editing or a top editor for Vox in the spring.
  19. See all of the Oscar-nominated best pictures.
  20. Watch an MU quidditch match inconspicuously from the columns.
  21. Finally get a Missourian coffee mug.
  22. Avoid getting yelled at by Brother Jed or Sister Cindy. (i.e. Stay away from Speaker’s Circle on nice days).

Call this my “Mizzou 22” list. I’ll be back in the spring to update my progress.






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  1. Witty, satirical, nerdy… You would love Mark Twain.

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