My Reporting New Years Resolutions — 2012 Edition

When I saw I had zero views in the last two days, I knew I had to post something. I mean, this last semester has really gone to my head and I’m addicted to seeing “3 views” each day or so.

No, just joking. I’ve been planning this blog post for a good three hours now.

It’s that time of year again! January 2, the day everyone breaks their New Years Resolutions. Me? Well, it’s hard to break resolutions I haven’t made yet, so let’s get started tonight around 11:45 p.m., shall we?

Yeah, there’s the typical health resolution: work out 5 times a week at least and eat as well as college life permits. Then my usual “Finish my sixth (and best) novel,” which is one that I’ve said I’d complete for four years now. Guess writing about the human condition in a gang warfare environment takes a while.

Not exactly that kind of gang warfare, and definitely less musical...

Last year I made the resolution to start writing a screenplay. Check. Also, to lose a certain amount of weight, which I’m pleased to say, Check Check (I was an over-achiever in that regard). I believe I said something back then about getting mostly A’s, which was another check.

**Note: as a result of keeping my NYRs from last year, I also became quite egotistical and bigheaded. See NYR #4 in this year’s list, which follows.

Of course, when I was making my list of resolutions last year, I wasn’t even thinking about the upcoming four months of news reporting at the Missourian. Now I’m looking back at them as well as forward to an imminent  four-month period of learning more writing/editing techniques and a stint as magazine staff at Vox Magazine in the fall. Naturally, the following list is a bit more in accordance to that.

These are my NYRs as a reporter and journalism student:

  1. Keep filling those notebooks: This year is the 2-year mark on my creative writing notebook, so I’m due to start a new one in August. This means that I actually have to finish writing in the old one. Also, just because I’m not reporting on a daily basis for a newspaper doesn’t mean my reporting stops. Finish up that blue creative-writing book by August with CREATIVE WRITING only, and keep a reporters notebook in my satchel at all times, just in case. Once a reporter, always a reporter.
  2. Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’! Keep those contacts rollin’! I’ve prided myself in the last month over the fact I’m in contact with a New York Times reporter interested in my recent story (based off his own reporting) on STEM majors at MU. I sometimes email Kathy, family friend who works at the Chicago Tribune, and I have it in my datebook to email Nora O’Donnell of Chicago Magazine when April comes around, as per her request. Journalism is hugely about who you know: keep those contacts fresh and make new ones as you go along. Become friends with professors and editors, because they’ve got contacts, too. Also because they’re cool people and really know their stuff.
  3. Current events never get old: While working at the Missourian, it was essential to be in the know of all the major developments on local and national issues. This shouldn’t end, and even though I won’t be around to watch Brian Williams every night at 5:30, I should still make a point of staying up-to-date. Actually read the stories on my Twitter feed, get news from places other than The Daily Show and continue keeping an eye on the Missourian’s webpage, even if it’s just to watch for Advanced Reporting friends’ stories.
  4. Get egoism in check: My success at the Missourian has left me bigheaded and very egotistical, and just in general I’ve found myself becoming a very self-involved person in the last year. Time to remedy that before I start losing friends! Keep track of how many times the words “I,” “me” or “my” appear in my sentences and ask more questions about other people. 
  5. Internship time: My main goal this upcoming semester is to secure an internship for the summer. I’ll continue posting (see NYR #6) about the search, but I’m not stopping just because I’ve already applied to my top-two magazines. New York may not be the place I want to go, but if Vanity Fair or The Onion were to offer me something and I absolutely had to go, I suppose I wouldn’t contest it. Apply for something every two weeks, even if it’s not exactly what I want. The more hooks in the sea, the more chance a fish will bite, yeah?
  6. Blog queen: Over the last semester, “Quills and Typewriters” became an outlet where I could type my words out in a fury and stay sane. This semester, though less strenuous workload-wise, will require the same outlet, and I intend to keep this going. Continue blogging at this site about my journalism experiences. Post movie reviews I feel are worth writing, comment on life at MU and just generally keep the free-flow and YouTube links a-coming.

I suppose this is more for my personal blog, but if there’s anything more personal than this blog, show me. My mom predicted that this year I’m going to meet a guy who will be a real “significant other.” I’d like to think she’s right, but it seems stupid to put “Find Love” as a NYR since it’s kind of out of my control. I suppose the best thing I can say is that I need to keep my focus on my life and work straight as an arrow, with or without a bow/beau.*

*Dig that fancy wordplay.

2012 has some seriously exciting events coming up. The elections in November (I’ll be staff at a magazine during that time!), the summer Olympics in London and my 21st birthday are among these. Note: I included my 21st birthday as a landmark of 2012. If I have my way, it will be.

So here’s to the next year, with a tight list of resolutions to keep and/or break. And here’s to my readers, who may or may not stick by me as I write about them. After all, that is one of my resolutions.

To peace, life and love in 2012!

New Year’s Day… now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions.  Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.
— Mark Twain



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  1. And just like that, my viewers jump to 5 in the last few minutes of January 2. Thanks, guys!

  2. Haha, number 4 was my favorite, though, I must say, egoism comes in handy in your chosen career path, otherwise people will spit you out and make you their coffee- fetching indentured servant. I know you meant about writing, but, I couldn’t resist! Best of luck on your resolutions!

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