Photojournalism and JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT!!! (Do I sound excited enough?)

I was a bit worried the all-caps and three exclamation points wouldn’t emphasize my tone enough. Alas.

So…as if I haven’t talked about it enough, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was here last night and presented hitRECord to a screaming audience — predominantly female — in Jesse Auditorium. And, of course, I got to write the story!

But…I also got to take pictures with my friend Kathryn’s fantastic Nikon. Which brings me to the real topic of this post.

Throughout high school I did photography, but only black and white, manual-develop, dark-room-chemicals-that-smell-bad-and-make-you-feel-funny photography. This last week, I’ve been thrown back into that world of angles, apertures and shutter speeds. I recently worked on a multimedia project on a makeup artist at Necropolis, the local haunted house, and that was enough to give me “the photo bug” yet again.

Then last night…

Kathryn was gracious enough to let me borrow her camera, and since we had FRONT ROW SEATS, I got plenty of good photos:

Not great focus, but shows just how fast this guy moves.

There was one point, however, that I photographically failed. However, still a good picture:

For a brief moment, he made eye contact and smiled right into the camera. And, of course, that was when the shutter refused to close. Until he turned away and I got this shot, of course. Rachel says it’s an “angst” shot. I prefer to say it’s a good perspective on just how close we were to him.

So lessons, right? That’s the point of these posts?

I learned that photojournalism is FABULOUS but I wouldn’t want to do it for a living. Yeah, I got about 20 great pictures, but I took over 200. That’s a 90% fail rate. Not that I’m berating myself, of course. That’s just photo-j, and that’s how life works. I have newfound respect for anyone who makes their living taking thousands of pictures and only seeing three or four go to print.

Besides, one or two successes mean that you treasure them all the more.

Exhibit 19 of 20.

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  1. 20 photos out of 200 is actually a pretty solid number. I shot 1500 photos for a wedding a couple years ago and only about 100 were useable.

    I really like the last one, by the way. :)

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