London Calling…And it’s one massive phone bill

I’ve always wanted to go to England. Starting with my Harry Potter obsession (which started early in life), and moving on to my love of the Beatles, Monty Python, etc. London has been the destination of my dreams.

Where other than London can you see someone doing this with a completely straight face?
Where other than London can you see someone doing this with a completely straight face?

I spent the last two years planning and prepping to go to London for the Mizzou J-School internship program. My cousins who live there started prepping for my visit. Friends gave me brochures and maps to help me start listing what I wanted to see. There were tough spots I struggled through thinking, “It’s okay, you’re going to be working in London in a year” or half a year or whatever.

This was all when the program didn’t cost an arm, a leg and a spleen. And being out of state, I also have to sign over my first born child.

With the current economic issues in Britain and the EU in general, the price of living has been jacked up in jolly old London-town. While always being rather expensive, the London program was financially doable last spring when I was Power-Pointing the snot out of it for my parents.  The recent upping of the price blew the original figures away.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. It’s more accurate to say that I’m pissed at the economic conditions that no one really can control right now, than to say I’m disappointed in the J-School or in my parents.  I also question just how many people will be willing to pay the very high cost of the program to go over.

Now that I’m looking at another semester on the MU campus, doors are opening. I’m rushing Phi Sigma Pi, the honor fraternity, and hoping I get in. In March, American Idiot is coming to St. Louis. Tickets are pretty expensive, but as my mom said, everything seems cheaper compared to the London program. I get to spend one of my best girl’s 21st birthday with her. A film studies minor is actually almost doable. And speaking of film, I get to cover yet another True/False Film Fest here in CoMo!

This summer also is full of “options” as my sister likes to say (it’s hard to convey how she says it since you can’t see the palm-down hand gesture). To do the London internship over a summer, it’s still unthinkably expensive. HOWEVER, Conde Nast International offers 2-3 week long internships over the summer in London, Australia, Russia (brr) and other cities. American Conde Nast offers a Summer Internship Program in New York. My family is friends with reporter Kathy Bergen of the Chicago Trib, which means I have contacts to get an internship with Chicago Magazine. SO many possibilities that may actually dwarf the London program entirely, and won’t require human sacrifice.

For now, however, I live for today (or at least this semester). I am satisfied with my decision to stay here Spring 2012, and that’s really all that matters. Many of my great friends know how important London was to me, and they did their best to convince me to go for the program anyway. Now that they know I’m happy with my decision–okay, happy is a little TOO optimistic–they’re handling it alright.

After college I plan on going to London and working for a magazine there. I realized the other day that I am in fact a hipster at heart, refusing to move to New York after school for magazine journalism (for more information, look at my post “Hipster: An illustrated perspective“). It’s always been a dream of mine to see London and live there; I feel like not going there as a touristy student working an internship will actually push me harder into aspiring to work there later in my life. I won’t have had the experience, and so I’ll have an extra motivation to work toward jumping “across the pond” and seeing London for myself in the way I want to see it, no school attached.

London’s calling, alright, but I have plenty of time to answer it.


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