Always Packin’

So now that I’ve officially welcomed you to the true start-up of my “Life at the Missourian” blog, I think it’s time to write about my first initial reactions.

I’d write about my aprehension, comprehension, digestion, etc. of what’s going to happen about this semester, but I think everyone’s doing that. I don’t want Jeanne to get bored.

I should have probably added in my welcome post that I’ll be addressing Jeanne, my fabulous editor, rather directly in these posts. If I’m told that’s a no-no, it’ll stop. I promise.

Anyway, my first reaction to working for a paper while also being a student is how much stuff I have to carry around all the time. Upon leaving the dorm this morning, I realized just how much stuff I have to take with me and automatically I heard Ally Sheedy’s voice in my head from “The Breakfast Club:”

Here’s an idea of all the stuff I should have crammed in my bag right now:

Macbook, voice recorder, reporter’s notebook, pens, pair of nice flats, pair of shoes so when pair of nice flats start giving me blisters I’m not dying, granola bar, water bottle, charger for computer, phone, planner, book of Missourian numbers and email addresses, phone charger, more pens, books for classes, student ID so I can eat/go home, wallet, extra shirt just in case and breath mints.

What I do have in my bag right now:

Half a salad from the J-Cafe, Italian workbook, News Reporting lecture notebook and folder, pens, phone, iPod, Macbook charger (Macbook is in use right now), phone, planner, chapstick, wallet, student ID, bag of Craisins, bottle of apple juice, pack of gum, “Know the First Amendment” badge and Veggie Tales sticker Mom snuck in there sometime two years ago.

Katherine Reed had us read a blogpost from a reporter who hit Joplin after the tornadoes did with absolutely no resources. I know that some of that is unavoidable and the excitement of being a reporter, but I have to believe that it can also be avoided, too.

And so I’m doing a little packing tonight, because “you never know when you may have to jam.”


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  1. An addition to this:
    Also include “AP styleguide” in that list of things I should have. J2100 was longer ago than I thought.

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