Two Decades Never Seemed So Educational

Bet none of you saw this title coming today.

After two decades, I realize there’s a lot I’ve learned. Math, English, some Spanish, a little science here and there, etc. But beyond that, 20 years has impacted me a bit more. Mom calls me an “old soul,” since it seems I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to this whole life thing. That doesn’t mean I didn’t need to relearn a few things.

For example, at age 18 I relearned how to tell someone off to their face in less than civilized language. My Twainers probably smiled at that.

But my life lessons from the past 20 years have spanned so much further than that. For example, I learned who to keep my friends and who to let go. I had a period of self-discovery in my late-teens when I got my priorities straight when it came to friendships. After the first year of college I figured out that high school friends could fall to the wayside without guilt. And after the second year I figured out that some of my college friends could fall to the wayside.

I also discovered I have a penchant for word-smithing, back in 6th grade when I started writing my first book about a girl group of misfits that gets famous. I also learned that writing books like that are a waste of time because the plot lines are so monotonously Disney-Channel.

My love of film, music, and literature became apparent. So did my love of Barbies and Superheroes. Cody’s face-palming at the former, I bet you anything.

I learned that despite his dastardly character in Harry Potter, Tom Felton is actually a really nice guy who wears Converse.

I started dressing my age just a year ago. I’ve always acted about 5 years older than my age, so that’s nothing new. I found my love of Zumba, Pilates, and Yoga, which has led me to drop about 15 pounds since starting college.

I’ve taught myself to accept others’ talents and never compare myself to someone else because–let’s face it–everyone is different, and that’s what makes it special to be yourself, no matter who you are.

I’ve seen that family is a rock in my life, and that friends are like a bunch of sticks making a fence around that rock so I don’t fall off it. I’ve also learned I’m good with metaphor. Again, the word-smithing is my thing.

I established my fears. Death being one of them. Spiders. Long lines for roller coasters. Most of all, squandering time. As I look at it, a minute’s going to pass no matter what happens, so do something with that minute that you won’t regret. Right now I’m spending the only 11:05 p.m. of July 27, 2011 that I will ever see blogging about not squandering time. I won’t regret it.

There are so many other things I’ve learned, I’m sure. This is just all I can think of. Happy Birthday to me and every other July 27th out there, and lets say cheers to another year!

Peace, love, and happiness,



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  1. I am laughing :)

    Great post Kate! Love the lessons and very well-written!

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