I will not be the girl stuck at home in the ‘burbs with the baby, the dog, and the garden of herbs

I’m reexamining my future.

Uh-oh, you say.

But you didn’t let me finish: I’m reexamining my future, but not daring to change the plan since it would a terrible inconvenience and just plain stupid. Also, I’m training myself to use the strike-through font sparingly. See the only, albeit long, usage below:

As I finished pitching an idea for a movie based on My Chemical Romance’s album “Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys” in my Adaptation of Lit for Film class, I wondered why no one else was pitching this movie in Hollywood while secretly hoping my teacher would send me to LA to pitch it but then though maybe Gerard Way IS pitching it and wants someone fresh and young to write it like a student at the University of Missouri absolutely obsessed with the album’s premise I started thinking about my chosen career path.

Now, please DON’T PANIC (even though I know caps makes it look panicky). I’m still a magazine editor wannabe.

BUT–if I for some reason decided I didn’t want to do anything in journalism, I would probably go for the Strat Comm major so I could go into film promotion. There are countless things I would do to promote a film like “Killjoys:” social networking, Twitter, propaganda-esque posters, cryptic trailers. So many possibilities and such a fantastic career path–if you can get into it successfully, which is pretty much just a crapshoot.

Anything in Hollywood is a gamble: that’s why even though I love to write and would love to go into screenwriting, I’m not going to because I have what so many LA-bound people lack: common sense. I’m not saying I’ll never make it, but at least I have the sense to know there’s a very slight possibility that the film industry wouldn’t be interested in anything I have to offer. My, doesn’t that sound narcissistic? And damn, yet another strike-through. Those are SO dangerous!

Anyway, pitching was good practice for selling an idea, something I have to practice for interviews and my future industry. It kind of made me wish this screenplay I’m working on was actually maybe a real movie, but alas, not so much.

As I sit and fantasize about being a published author or Oscar-winning screenwriter (or BOTH!), I also think that if this success comes soon, I just wasted four years–maybe five if I go for a masters–of school. I can’t see myself going from that success back to a copy-editing job at Midwestern Living (then again, don’t want that even just after graduation). So maybe I should just scrap all the creative, non-journalism writing for about ten years, get to the Creative Director spot at the Tatler or whatever, and then around 30 submit a screenplay. Gah, but then the novelty of being young and having a published book or Oscar nom to your name (woah-ego check!) gets kinda lost.

In any case, I’m not just going to sit on my butt and wait to get married, have kids, and cart said kids around town.

My bitter singleness is showing, isn’t it? Or maybe it’s just my woman-power. Let’s go with that.


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