I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take. When people run in circles it’s a very very mad world.

I’ve been writing a lot about my journalism aspirations lately, but today I’m going to type out a quick memo to the world on what changes I’d like to see in myself and in others.

Lent’s coming up: one of my goals will be to minimize how much I complain. Too often, I find myself complaining or whining over things that I could easily fix if I just got off my butt and did something productive. I know I do it, and it becomes quite clear to me how obnoxious and pointless it is when I observe others doing it.

For example: if you don’t like our University and do nothing but complain about how it’s not as good as, say, one in California, get your ass up out of your chair and apply for a transfer. You’re not obligated to stay at a college if you don’t like it. This isn’t high school; it’s not divided geographically. We’re all free to make our own choices. Make yourself happy and do us all a favor: stop complaining and improve your own life. You’ll be happier on the coast, so be proactive and search out the sand and sea.

Bored or frustrated with your major? Nothing’s holding you to it, except for maybe the guilt you feel after taking hours of courses related to it. I commend one of my dearest friends for deciding journalism wasn’t for her. She had the guts to back away from the situation and become an English major, and she’s been much happier ever since.

Another friend decided he didn’t know if he wanted to do med school: he didn’t complain about feeling like he was obligated–he just bowed out and, I suspect, is feeling a bit better about things. Another example of how people can take hold of their lives and be much happier.

Yes, it’s raining outside. Annoying? Yes, especially when I’ve got to be out and about all day. Can I do anything about it? Yes: grab an umbrella. Wear rain boots. Crisis averted. Complaint terminated.

It’s time that we all stopped being lazy, self-pitying blobs unsatisfied with our lives. If you want change, make it yourself. I love the Beatles, but that line, “Nothing’s going to change my world” in their song “Across the Universe” isn’t true. We can all change our own worlds, if we just find the strength in ourselves to make change.


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