A True/False Step Forward into Personal Reality

Tonight I had my first experience feeling like a real journalist.

I’m assigned to the True/False Film Festival here in Columbia, where a bunch of documentaries and foreign films stop by on their way to and from the major film festivals: so, yeah, it’s kind of a big deal. Anyway, I’m covering it for MOVE, and even have my own press pass!

The press pass was the first step in feeling like a real journalist this weekend, but it really hit me when I stood in line for one of the first screenings of the evening, a “Secret Screening.” With the green pass around my neck, I was separated from the other people waiting in line; almost “privileged” because the green tag meant walking right in from the “Q line” without a ticket.

Covering True/False is a huge step forward for me: I’m taking chances by becoming a real member of the press rather than remaining a student. When taking News and a few of the other journalism courses, I was always a “journalism major at the University…” Tonight, I was a full-fledged journalist, working for a real publication, wearing a real press tag that granted me access to films, events and parties.

So we go from the premonition in the mirror the other night to tonight: even though I’m only taking one class for my major this semester, I feel like I’ve made the most progress in mentally preparing myself for the future. I sent in my first blog post of the festival about an hour ago, so it should be up soon. At the rate I’m going, I will be fully prepared, both emotionally and skill-wise, for working at the Missourian next semester.

Here’s to many more experiences like this one in the future!


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