I Know You Know Who I Am

This post is part of a 30-day challenge I took Dec. 2010 through Jan. 2011.

Day One: Introduce Yourself

This is…easy?

I’m a writer. I like books, movies and music. I hate AP style, but I comply because that’s what my profession requires. I listen to every type of music available to me. I write books of every genre (except blatant romance). I watch the West Wing like it’s still on air. I think C grades are failing. I hate starting every sentence with “I.”

Am I the only one who thinks the term Candy Striper sounds dirty? Am I the only one who can recite all the lines to the Dark Knight, A Hard Day’s Night AND Love, Actually? Am I the only one who quotes Harry Potter like a pastor quotes Luke?

I expose myself to new things daily because it’s exciting and life-fulfilling. If we don’t feed our soul, we waste away and die. Soullessness is worse than death; I would rather be six-feet under than live a one-dimensional existence safe from the newness of experiences.


I love reading as much as writing: leave me a message!

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