All We Are Saying, Is Give Peace a Chance

I would have used a more creative title, but its 8:30 a.m. and I should be just getting up; however, I’m sitting at our fabulous J-Library, blogging away. This morning I checked email like usual and saw that I received an email telling me that the power adapter I checked out for an hour yesterday was never turned back in when I KNEW that I had turned it in. Like the proactive whirling-dervish I can be, I beelined straight for the library before having to be at my Bio Anthropology class.

On the way there, I prepared myself for an argument; I knew the exact description of the librarian to whom I gave the adapter, I knew the number of the adapter, and I was ready to argue the insane overdue fees right off my bill. I get to the library, and they couldn’t be more helpful; yup, the power adapter was there and they’ll take care of the fees right away. I didn’t even have to use any of the tactics devised on the 6-minute walk over.

However, the episode left me pondering; why is it that I felt I had to prepare for a fight? Perhaps it was my experiences with customer services at previous times, or maybe that it seems like everything now has to be a battle. Working at a library over the summer, I should have recognized that libraries aren’t out to get people with due dates and fees, but I still felt like a victim while walking over.

Maybe less fights would happen if we didn’t go in assuming that combat strategy was needed. Like the saying goes, assumptions make an ass out of you and me, and maybe the preconceived idea that a battle is going to happen, be it between friends, colleagues or the customer service, actually cause more fights than the situation itself. Observation/speculation of the day: if you don’t prep for a battle, chances are there won’t be one!



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  1. Maybe if everyone just assumed the best of everyone things would be better. Of course, then you get those few douchebags who completely ruin that stereotype and ruin people’s lives just to ruin people’s lives. Of course… as I see it, most people aren’t like that. Maybe we should give them the benefit of the doubt. :)
    By the way, if it were me I would have been preparing with all the different ways I could beg for mercy rather than fight. I kinda wish I was as brave as you. :P

  2. I love your realization of the day! As you know, I’m always preparing to play devil’s advocate/argue and you leave me wondering when I began preparing for fights. Customer service people can be annoying, but it IS more annoying that those experiences precondition us to think in combat strategy-mode before all situations.

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